Nest Box Update 6.25.19

A new nest and four new nestlings are the stories of the day.

After discovering last week that the house wrens that had occupied the nest box at the Cow Pasture had fledged, I tossed the old nest, cleaned the inside of the box, and placed a new berry basket where the old one had been. When I opened the box this week it had a completely new house wren nest inside. I was surprised to see the new nest. Even so, I’m not convinced the wrens will have another go at it.

New nest for house wrens at Cow Pasture (6.25.19).

The Explore the Wild, Into the Mist, and parking deck-east nest boxes are all empty. There’s been no activity since last week and beyond.

An adult bluebird flew from the nest box as I approached it on the west side of the parking deck. When I opened the box there were four bluebird hatchlings, two with mouth agape, inside the grass and pine needle lined nest.

Four bluebird nestlings at parking deck – w (5.25.19).

The Butterfly House nest box is empty.

We have two active nests. One with four bluebird nestlings and one with a newly constructed house wren nest.

See you next week.

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