Nest Box Update 6.13.17

We have one active nest, leaving five empty nest boxes.

The six house wrens that had occupied the nest box at the Cow Pasture have fledged since last week’s inspection. Paper wasps were quick to move in.

Paper wasps take over for house wrens at Cow Pasture (6.13.17).

The nest box at the Outdoor Classroom service road in Explore the Wild is empty.

Last week, there were 5 house wren nestlings in the nest box at the site of the old Bungee jump. This week I count 4 nestlings. They appear to be ready to fledge. Could one have already flew the coop? I don’t expect to see the remaining four again.

Four house wren nestlings at Bungee Jump (6.13.17).
Do you see more than four?

All other nest boxes are empty, waiting for a second brood.

Could this be a early season, no second broods? It’s so far been an odd season. Odd may be the wrong word, perhaps different is a better choice. We’ve only had 3 bluebirds fledge, and there’s typically two broods of bluebirds in at least one of the nest boxes. We’ve never had a successful house wren nest. This year we have two.

But, before I get carried away with the numbers, let’s wait and see how the remainder of the season plays out. There’s still plenty of time for another nest or two.

Till next week…

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