Nest Box Update 6.11.19

We have two active nest out of six. One is full of fledgling size wrens the other bluebird eggs.

A wren flew from the nest box in the Cow Pasture as I approached the box. It settled on the ground a dozen feet or so from the nest box and made its way towards a group of nearby shrubs. It’s nest mates sat tight as I opened the box’s side door and photographed them.

I count five nestlings in the photo below (one on right is facing opposite direction of others, head is not visible). There must have been six nestlings instead of the five I counted in previous nest box inspections. The sixth wren must have been hidden under the others.

Five house wren nestlings at Cow Pasture. Sixth house wren flew out of box when I approached (6.11.19).

The Explore the Wild, Into the Mist, and parking deck – east nest boxes are all empty.

The nest box on the west side of the parking deck has a set of four bluebird eggs. This is the second brood for this nest box this season.

Four bluebird eggs for a the second brood at the parking deck – w nest box (6.11.10).

The Butterfly House nest box is unoccupied.

The season is winding down, though we still have two active nests. Five house wren nestlings are about to fledge at the Cow Pasture nest box (one already has, though prematurely) and four bluebird eggs are being incubated at the parking deck – west nest box.

If all goes well, the nesting period should be over sometime in mid July.

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