Nest Box Update 2.21.23

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs (from previous season).

It’s early in the season. I usually don’t start next box checks until March. But the warm weather and singing birds had me anxious. And, the fact that there were a few pine needles in one of the nest boxes last week as we placed new berry baskets in them, had me curious too.

Two of our nest boxes showed activity, not much, but some interest by the birds.

The nest box at the Cow Pasture (train tunnel) contained a small amount of pine needles and a few blades of dried grass.

Pine needles and grass placed by bluebirds at Cow Pasture.

The Explore the Wild nest box was untouched as was the Into the Mist nest box.

There were a few pine needles and grass stems in the box on the east side of the Parking Deck.

Bluebirds claiming nest box on east side of Parking Deck.

The west side nest box (Parking Deck) was immaculate, untouched.

The Butterfly House nest box was not disturbed.

Both the Cow Pasture and Parking Deck East nest boxes have been visited by bluebirds. It’s important to remember that it’s early and things can change quickly. Nothing at all may come of these two nest boxes, but at least we know the birds are looking.

See you next week.

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