More Red Wolf Pictures

The red wolf pups are frequently out and about inside their spacious enclosure. They’re not always out in the open, but if you have patience and a water bottle (it’s been hot lately) you stand a very good chance at seeing at least one of the pups on your visit to their overlook.

Partial family portrait (mom, dad, 2 pups).
You may have to look through the brush to get a glimpse of the pups.
Other times they’re out in the open.
Something to chew on.
And he’s off.
Keeping an eye out.

The banner across the top of this page and the photo above are of the male and female watching the animal keepers as they both clean the enclosure and place food for the wolves. Occasionally the male will give out a low “woof” when the keepers are inside the enclosure, but they’re very shy and keep their distance.

Come on out and have a look for yourself!

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