Marmots in the Grass!

A Groundhog feasts on black oil sunflower seeds at the Bird Feeder in Catch the Wind.

The handsome brute above was seen feeding on spilled sunflower seeds in Catch the Wind. We’ll be seeing more Woodchucks, marmots, or whatever you wan to call them, as the season moves along, the air cools, and they feel the urge to fatten up for the big sleep.

There are at least six different groundhog burrows scattered around the Dino Trail, Catch the Wind and Explore the Wild, so you’re chances of seeing a groundhog are pretty good during the next few months.

Have fun!

2 responses to Marmots in the Grass!

  1. Wendy says:

    Cute little grass pig! On a different subject entirely, have you ever had a deer “blow” at you? This happened to me at about 5:30 am when I had just stepped outside with my two corgis, and I heard this monstrous sound coming from the dark woods close at hand!! Even weirder, my dogs didn’t bark at it! I grew up in the woods in NJ, and never heard this before…

    • Greg Dodge says:

      Ah yes, the ‘ol deer snort. Deer often snort (it’s more like a loud, sudden exhale of air, a blow as you say) when alarmed. It means that they sense your presence whether by sight or smell. I don’t know whether its a sign of the deer being annoyed or, more likely, an alert to others in their group that there’s danger ahead. It certainly grabs the attention of their traveling companions regardless of its intention.
      The snort is often accompanied by a foot stomp, the deer stomping one of its front feet on the ground, which you can also hear if you’re close enough. Sometimes they stomp, sometimes they snort, sometimes they do both. Either way, it means that they’re about to take off in the opposite direction.

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