I caught this gray squirrel lying down on the job in Explore the Wild. I don’t think that our tired little tree squirrel has yet begun to build a nest or store away food. Although I have seen a few signs of other squirrels having buried acorns and other nuts, I think this squirrel is just resting between meals. The cold temperatures upon us now, though, may help stimulate this guy into stocking the shelves. Speaking of squirrels and eating,Read more

Groundhog Juveniles

Two young Groundhogs have been seen munching on the grass along the side of the path just past Catch the Wind on the back side of the Outdoor Loop. I first saw them with Mom on the 16th of this month and have seen them several times since, with and without Mom. Keep a lookout for these little guys.Read more

First Groundhog!

The first groundhog of the season was spotted on February 8 running across a service road and then over the path near the boardwalk leading to Explore the Wild. I assume that this marmot is the “Boardwalk Hog.” There is a groundhog burrow just below the fence at the head of the boardwalk that leads to Explore the Wild. The animal that I saw was last seen swiftly moving in that direction. There are many groundhog burrows throughout the MuseumRead more

Marmots in the Grass!

The handsome brute above was seen feeding on spilled sunflower seeds in Catch the Wind. We’ll be seeing more Woodchucks, marmots, or whatever you wan to call them, as the season moves along, the air cools, and they feel the urge to fatten up for the big sleep. There are at least six different groundhog burrows scattered around the Dino Trail, Catch the Wind and Explore the Wild, so you’re chances of seeing a groundhog are pretty good during theRead more