Last Week

The photos shown here are from last week, before Sandy rolled by bringing with her damp easterly, northeasterly, northerly, northwesterly and now still wet and nasty westerly winds. It will again be sunny and relatively warm, but until then have a look at a handful of pre-Sandy photos (just be glad you don’t live in New Jersey, or West Virginia, or….).

The Wetlands, home to frogs, shiners, five different species of turtles, aquatic insects and more, peaceful and calm before the storm.
Our resident Great Blue Heron who eats, or attempts to eat, all of the things listed above.
Loblollies reflected in the water.
Butterfly Weed putting forth seed, via the wind.
In the same family as Butterfly Weed, Dogbane (Indian Hemp) uses the same seed dispersal method, the wind.
A female Great Blue Skimmer, the largest of our resident skimmers, shows wear and tear on her wings. We won’t be seeing any more of these dragonflies this season.
Late in the day, the Wetlands is very still.

And finally…

Why did the Wheel Bug cross the road? Why, she’s probably looking for a safe place to lay her eggs.

What will turn up this week?


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  1. Wendy says:

    Beautiful pics. You just get better and better, Greg! What is the name of the tree in the first picture with all the white blossoms?

    • Greg Dodge says:

      Why, thank you Wendy!
      The “white” tree is a Groundsel Tree. They come in both male and female varieties. The one in the photo is a female.
      Here’s a closer look at the different flowers of the two.

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