Irene Birds

Well, Irene has come and gone, but it did little to refresh the water of the Wetlands. Besides the water, I had hoped that we might see a few new species of bird (for the Museum) blown in to our little sanctuary (see here), but although a few out of place birds were seen at local reservoirs, such as Sooty Tern, Royal Tern, and Caspian Tern nothing out of the ordinary turned up here at the Museum.

However, Ranger Kristin and I were able to pick out American Redstart, Red-eyed Vireo, White-eyed Vireo, and at least one Eastern Wood-pewee in the windswept trees on Saturday (8/28/11). There were probably other migrants in the mix but it can be difficult to see small birds like warblers with winds as strong as we had blowing through here most of Saturday.

Maybe next time.

2 responses to Irene Birds

  1. Wendy says:

    I was thrilled to see a male kingfisher today. Has he been around lately?

    • Greg Dodge says:

      I usually see, or hear, a kingfisher once a day. I don’t always see the bird or if I do see it, it’s often a quick look as it dives into the water or flies over or through the trees. I’ll keep a better eye on the birds though, as I typically only see the female at this time of year. The male usually shows up around March for the breeding season and leaves shortly after the young are off the nest.
      Thanks for keeping an eye out.

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