In Celebration of Yellow Rumps, Ruby Crowns, and Blue Heads.

I saw the first Yellow-rumped Warbler of the season here at the Museum on October 10, just two weeks ago. The chilly northwest winds of the latter part of last week brought in masses of them. When this occurs, as it does every year at this time, I usually sift through them for other migrants and take photo after photo of the birds. The birds are typically very hungry from a long night’s flight so they’re not as concerned with me as they might be at other times.

The vast majority of the birds in these flocks turn out to be Yellow-rumped Warblers, but there’s usually something else in the mix, Ruby-crowned Kinglets for sure, and this time, a Blue-headed Vireo.

Searching every crevice, nook and cranny, for eggs and both larval and adult insects.
Hence the name, Yellow-rumped Warbler.
The alternate name, Myrtle Warbler, comes from the bird’s heavy use of myrtle fruit as a food item.
In amongst the myrtle leaves.
Just a nice picture of a fall Y-r warbler.
A pause to preen and straighten up a bit.
In the willows.

And the others…

Ruby-crowned Kinglets seemed to prefer foraging in the mimosas.
The head is more gray than blue on this Blue-headed Vireo (I didn’t name it).

And there you have it, this year’s celebration of the warbler with the yellow rump, the kinglet with the ruby crown, and the vireo with the blue head.

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