Herps (reptiles and amphibians)

The seventies and eighties are behind us, for now. It’s back to more normal temps, forties and fifties.

But, while the atypically high temps lasted, I was able to find some out and about reptiles and amphibians.

It’s not unusual to see a brown snake in winter unless the temps are extreme, on the low side. I saw the northern brown snake, or Dekay’s brown snake, pictured here slowly making its way across the path just uphill from the Lemur House in Explore the Wild.

The gentle, little, brown snake, northern brown snake.

I’ve been hearing spring peepers and an occasional upland chorus frog all week but have yet to see one. I did, however see at least four American bullfrogs.


Ground skinks are the most common lizard I encounter here at the museum. The one pictured has had a run-in with a predator of some sort. It has obviously gotten away with its life, sacrificing its tail in the process.

A life for a tail.
Tail intact.

Green anoles continue to be seen in the vegetable garden on the south side of the cafe. I saw four of them on Friday (2/8/19).

Green anole in vegetable garden.
Having a look around.

And, of course, any sunny day in winter can bring out basking turtles in the wetlands.

basking yellow-bellied slider.

Have a good one!

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