This Groundhog is snacking at the head of the Dinosaur Trail.

It may be in the mid 90s on this fine September day, but despite the heat it’s once again time for Groundhogs to begin fattening up for their winter slumber.

Groundhogs look cute and cuddly, and the six or so groundhogs that reside here at the Museum are no exception, but I’m compelled to remind all that stroll the outdoor exhibits that they are wild animals and should not be approached. Should you see one these large ground squirrels busily munching away alongside the trail, and it doesn’t flee from you as you walk past it, by all means look, but please don’t try to approach it.

Later in the day, resting on one of the boulders at the entrance to the Dino Trail.
This Groundhog is hiding. I see you! This one lives between Explore the Wild and Catch the Wind on the far side of the loop.

Enjoy the Wild!

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