I caught this gray squirrel lying down on the job in Explore the Wild. I don’t think that our tired little tree squirrel has yet begun to build a nest or store away food. Although I have seen a few signs of other squirrels having buried acorns and other nuts, I think this squirrel is just resting between meals. The cold temperatures upon us now, though, may help stimulate this guy into stocking the shelves. Speaking of squirrels and eating,Read more


It may be in the mid 90s on this fine September day, but despite the heat it’s once again time for Groundhogs to begin fattening up for their winter slumber. Groundhogs look cute and cuddly, and the six or so groundhogs that reside here at the Museum are no exception, but I’m compelled to remind all that stroll the outdoor exhibits that they are wild animals and should not be approached. Should you see one these large ground squirrels busilyRead more

Getting Ready for Winter

Of the mammals that reside on the Museum property, two have been conspicuously preparing for the oncoming winter season. They are both members of the same family (Sciuridae) but each has a different life style (one is a tree squirrel, the other a ground squirrel) and they have different strategies of how to cope with the cold. Gray Squirrels cache food away for later use for the times when their fair-weather food items become scarce. During the warmer months they eat roots,Read more