Green Heron Update

This young Green Heron shows us why they’re called Green Herons (note the back feathers).

Yesterday I noticed a young Green Heron fishing just feet from the Main Wetlands Overlook. I assumed it was the same heron that has been seen in our Wetlands all summer long. I’m not so sure. I saw three different Green Herons yesterday, two immatures and an unknown aged bird (I only saw the latter bird’s back amongst some dense foliage).

We may have had all three birds throughout the summer but were unable to see them all at once due to the dense vegetation in much of the Wetlands. And, since the water level has dropped most of the prime fishing areas which were previously under cover of the willows are now high and dry causing the birds to fish out in the open. By the way, these birds are not shy, you may get close looks at one of them if you stay still when you spot one.

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