Green Darner and Bullfrog

On Friday of last week the weather was unusually warm, as it had been all week. Besides the Autumn Meadowhawks buzzing all over the edge of the Wetlands, as mentioned earlier, I also saw a Common Whitetail. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a photo of that slightly out of season skimmer.

The next day as I walked along the north side of the Wetlands, I saw a Common Green Darner (Anax junius) sailing over the water. Luckily, the big darner came flying right over my head and landed on a Wax Myrtle not 15 feet away. I was able to get close enough to it, without spooking it, to grab a shot for the Journal.

A fresh looking Common Green Darner clings to Wax Myrtle at the edge of the Wetlands.

As I’ve mentioned many times in this Journal, green darners move south with the weather. This one looks fresh and may have emerged (eclosed) locally due to the spring-like, mild weather.

Monday night into Tuesday morning the mild weather was pushed out of our area and replaced by much cooler air, by no means cold, but cooler, closer to 50 than 70 degrees. Yet, as I walked the path around the Wetlands this morning there in the water was the familiar face a frog staring up at me from the below, a bullfrog.

An American Bullfrog (11/28/11).

See you in the wild.

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