Go Out and Take Some Photos

There are many photo opportunities here on our 84 acre campus. Here’s some of the things I ran into the past few weeks.

While at “Bird Viewing” in Catch the Wind, I noticed a young brown thrasher picking up discarded or spilled sunflower seeds below the feeders.

Brown thrasher juvenile below bird feeders.

The inexperienced bird flew within ten feet of me and briefly posed for a photo (tip-sit quietly at the feeders).

Young thrasher posed for me on a cable.

Along with the thrasher and squirrel, an American robin was picking off worms in the moist soil below the feeders.

Familiar American robin.
Gray squirrel taking advantage of the birds’ spillage.

A walk through the Wetlands is a wise choice.

Wetlands from boardwalk near Black Bear Exhibit.

Keep an eye out for great blue and green herons.

Green heron has just taken bath.
Cleaning and preening.
That’s good enough!
Wetlands from boardwalk past Bear Exhibit.

There’s usually more than a handful of dragonfly species to see.

Eastern amber wing (male).
Great blue skimmer (male).
Slaty skimmer (male).
Wetlands from area near Red Wolf Exhibit.

As you continue around the campus, you may run into a variety of animal life.

Orange-striped oakworm.
Potter wasp nest.
Imperial moth.

You may even see a dragonfly away from the water, like an eastern pondhawk.

Eastern pondhawk (imm. male).
Eastern pondhawk (same individual as above).

So, what have you seen?

Wetlands from Main Wetlands Overlook.

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  1. Jennifer Armstrong says:

    Thanks for the reminder of the treasure we have here!

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