Frontal Arrivals

Top Photo: Yellow-bellied sapsucker.

November 11, was overcast and cool, weather conducive to photography with saturated colors and no harsh light.

A front moved through the area bringing in migrating birds. Here are images of just a few of what I saw that day.

Yellow-bellied sapsuckers arrived earlier in the month, in fact the previous month, but it seemed additional sapsuckers rode in on the front.

Sapsuckers are usually seen by the end of October. This one arrived with others on a front in November.

Hermit thrushes, like the sapsucker, have been in place here at the museum for a few weeks now, but again, it seemed as if there was an influx of the birds following the front. There seemed to be a hermit thrush around every corner (11/11/23).

Hermit thrush around every corner.
A common winter resident.

Jim Phillips spotted a lone hooded merganser in our wetland on November 6, but that bird departed. The water remained devoid of the fish-eating, diving ducks until the 11th when three males and a female appeared.

Three males and a female following the passage of a cold front.
Pair bond displays should begin very soon.

What have you seen?

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