Elderberry and Royal Lace

gd_5_16_09eldeThere are two locations around the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind loop where Elderberry grows, one is next to the platform midway down the boardwalk which leads into the Wetlands and the other in the swampy area between Catch the Wind and Explore the Wild on the back side of the loop. They are now in bloom.

gd_5_16_09qalaAnother flowering plant with umbels of tiny white florets is also in bloom at this time, Queen Anne’s Lace, or Wild Carrot. There’s often a tiny reddish or purple floret in the center of the cluster of flowers at the top of this plant. The plant was named for Queen Anne of Denmark (or was it Queen Anne of England?), who fancied making lace, and who, one story goes, pricked her finger while pursuing her pastime, resulting in a tiny drop of blood in the center of her handiwork (photos at left).


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