Creek Week March 19-26!

Did you know that it’s Creek Week here in Durham?

Representatives from the Haw River Association and Durham Parks and Recreation were on hand Wednesday to help celebrate Creek Week here at the Museum.

Creek Week provides opportunities for Durham residents to discover and explore local streams and lakes through educational programs and recreational activities and to do their part to protect waterways through volunteer projects.

The good folks at Durham Parks and Recreation and the Haw River Association stopped by the Wetlands here at the Museum on Wednesday and brought along with them various aquatic macroinvertebrates for the Museum’s visitors to investigate. If you don’t know what a macroinvertebrate is, it’s an animal without a backbone that’s large enough that you can see it without magnification, without a magnifying glass.

Critters in petri dishes and other containers were available for kids, and parents, to investigate up close.
A damselfly nymph, two diving beetles, and a mayfly (left) were just a few of the creatures on hand.

I certainly had a good time checking out all of the creatures that were available to look at, and judging by all of the smiling faces that I saw on the kids who stopped by the tent in Explore the Wild, I’d say that everyone had just as good a time as I did!

Thanks Donna (left-Haw River Assoc) and Jessica (Durham Parks & Rec) for a great day!

I can’t wait for next year’s Creek Week!

Hold it, I don’t have to wait till next year, the Eno River runs right through Durham, and so does Ellerbe Creek, and the Haw River is just down the road. Our very own Wetlands runs into Ellerbe Creek. I can explore, we can explore, and protect the Wetlands, and Ellerbe, and the Eno, and the Haw every day of the year!!

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