Canada Geese Back In Wetlands

Each year during February a pair of Canada geese shows up in our wetland. They’re here to mate and nest. Geese are typically noisy birds, but the pair doesn’t necessarily upset the quiet solitude of the wetlands. In fact, their presence enhances the experience of the swampy woodland.

Post-coital bathing following mating by pair.

For the past several years, two pair have vied for the right to nest in out little pond. When the pairs clash, the erstwhile solitude of the wetlands quickly becomes a raucous waterpark. There’s much chasing, honking, and overall rowdy behavior as the pairs attempt to each stake a claim on the mixed wooded swamp.

Vocal protest directed at second pair of geese.

Neither pair has successfully nested here since I’ve been at the museum (12 years), but they try just the same. The only successful nest I’m aware of is on the south side of the campus, near a small retention pond behind our parking deck.

The chase is on.

The geese should be here for the remainder of winter, spring and a good part of the summer. So come on out and have a gander as they chase each other about.

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