Busy Beavers

gd_1_1_09beavIn the Wetlands, the Beaver (or is it Beavers) has (or have) been very busy lately. Besides damming the culvert where the water exits the Wetlands (underneath you as you descend into the Wetlands on the boardwalk) as soon as it’s cleared of the many twigs, branches, leaves, and mud that keeps the water from flowing through it, the beaver has been steadily gnawing away at the willows and other trees around the Wetlands.

Beaver “sign” is everywhere. From the bare branches floating in the water to the gnawed tree stumps along the edge of the water, it’s hard not to see the workings of the Wetlands Beaver. Beavers eat bark, and trees are covered with it (bark). Beavers also use the leftovers (bare branches), as well as twigs, branches, and logs cut down specifically for such purposes, to construct dams. There’s a lot of work to be done on a Beaver’s night out on the Wetlands. View the video made by Keepers Erin and Marilyn to see just how busy our resident beaver(s) can be!

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