Bluebird Update 7/22/14

Four nestling bluebirds sleep warm and dry after yesterday's heavy rains (7/22/14).
Four nestling bluebirds sleep snuggled warm and dry after yesterday’s heavy rains at the Amphimeadow nest (7/22/14).

We are most certainly coming to the end of the nesting season. There is only one active nest, the Amphimeadow (AM) nest, and it has four fresh bluebird nestlings within. The nestlings haven’t yet opened their eyes so they’ll still be there when I make the rounds next week.

All of the other five nest boxes are empty, the Butterfly House nestlings having fledged during the past week. I expect the nest boxes will remain empty. There’s not much left to do except wait for the occupants of the AM nest to depart. But, as I said, they will probably still be begging for food next Tuesday when I take a peek into their nest box.

So, wish the bluebirds well, and I’ll see you next week!

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