Bluebird Update 7.5.16

One week after finding 4 bluebird eggs in the nest at the Cow Pasture, not much else has changed. There’ve been no changes to either of the five nest other nest boxes, all are empty except the Cow Pasture nest, although the eggs in that nest have still not hatched.

The only change in the Cow Pasture nest is the fact that the eggs have been moved, rearranged. It’s part of the incubation process for birds to turn their eggs for even temperature and albumen distribution. The bluebird that was incubating has certainly moved these eggs about some.

Cow Pasture nest on 6.28.16 (left) and 7.5.16 (right).
Cow Pasture nest on 6.28.16 (left) and 7.5.16 (right).

Hopefully, we’ll have four nestlings in the nest by next week’s inspection of the nest boxes.

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