Bees, Butterflies et al. of the Day

Top Photo: Honeybees at Fatsia Japonica on the Dino Trail.

Today’s unusually mild temperatures have activated insects like it was a day in May. Look in the the vicinity of blooming flowers, you’ll see them.

The honeybees above were very busy taking nectar and whatever pollen they could from the simple umbel flowers of fatsia. Everywhere I turned today I saw insects going about their business.

Fly species, wasps, and of course, bees and butterflies were literally buzzing about any open flower, particularly fatsia japonica. And, a few flowering species were in bloom which are usually only seen in the spring.

Corral honeysuckle typically blooms in spring.

Here’s just a handful of the many insects encountered.

Question marks can potentially be seen throughout winter.
Clouded skipper.
Cabbage white.
American lady shares flowers with flesh fly?
American lady from above.
Cloudless sulphur.

As long as the weather remains mild the insects will be active. Stop and smell the flowers.

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