Above: Green anole on rock wall next to rosemary shrub.

There’s a fair chance I’ll see a green anole on any given warm winter day. The small lizard will most likely be basking in the sun on a rock wall in the Butterfly House’s garden next to the Cafe, close by a rosemary shrub for easy escape should a predator come by.

We’ve been experiencing many warm winter days of late. Temps have even gotten into the 70’s on some of those days. So, it’s no surprise that while entering the back door of the Butterfly House the other day I spied one of the little lizards preparing to come out of hiding and soak up some of that sun, in a corner next to the doorway.


My attention was drawn to area of circle.

At first, there was just the smallest of clues to a living breathing animal hanging out by the big orange door, the distal end of a tail. As I peeked around a bit, I could see the anole looking back at me from behind the siding.

Anole’s tail protruding from gap in siding.
A cautious eye peers back out at me.

I took a few photos of the reptile and left it to it’s fancy.

This is the last day of warm weather for a while, according to the local weather report it’ll be thirty degrees colder this time tomorrow.

2 responses to Anole

  1. Sherry says:

    What a great spot Greg. I should never, ever, be surprised at the things you notice!

  2. Marjie Wolfe says:

    These little ones are so cute. I have several pair in my yard, though the mexican brown anole is more plentiful here… I love seeing a greenie!

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