All in a Day’s Work

When not giving directions to Museum guests, checking on the status of the outdoor exhibits, or interpreting the natural history of the flora and fauna at the Museum, a Museum of Life + Science Ranger has also to do small clean-ups around the outdoor areas. This clean-up often involves retrieving sippy cups, water bottles and various other articles that find their way into the Wetlands. Veteran Ranger Kristin and Ranger Recruit Erin show how it’s done. In this case it’s a balloon rescue.

Rangers Kristin and Erin prepare to launch the jon boat (QAR) into the Wetlands.
The intrepid pair head out across the Wetlands.
Having only one paddle (and not a very good one at that), Kristin’s net for scooping up cans/bottles and the like, performs double duty as a paddle.
Once at the site Ranger Kristin carefully removes one of five balloons tangled in the trees as Ranger Recruit Erin adeptly maneuvers and steadies the boat.
Mission accomplished, the daring duo head back to the mainland (after scooping up several plastic bottles) with the spoils of their adventurous voyage proudly displayed at the stern.

Good work Rangers!

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