A Wood Duck and a Cuckoo

A Wood Duck flew into the Wetlands at dusk during the Museum’s Black Light Insect Hunt (read about the Black Light Insect Hunt).

gd_8_1ybcuYellow-billed Cuckoos spend much of their time lurking about high up in the trees. I most often see them when they’re flying from one tree to another, and it appears that they’re always in a hurry to get to the other tree. They search for caterpillars on tree branches or on leaves, slowly and methodically hopping along from tree limb to tree limb. They’re usually fairly well hidden among the foliage and can easily be overlooked. I hadn’t seen or heard one on the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind Loop until the first week in August. Traditionally, I hear them when the summer heat arrives. That arrived long ago. Perhaps there weren’t many caterpillars around until recently?

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