A Tiny Wren

A tiny dark bird flew past me as I stood at the split in the trail leading to the Red Wolf Exhibit in Explore the Wild. The bird flew down into the grass and immediately began chipping and hopping along, searching through the grass for insects or other invertebrates to munch upon.

A small bird with a big attitude, Winter Wrens usually arrive in our area sometime in October. This shot was taken on 30 December.

These little birds can often be found along rivers and streams with some regularity, but most folks just pass them by as the birds forage half-hidden among the roots, rocks, and tall grasses. One area bird checklist lists the wrens as “Uncommon” which means that they are “usually present but not seen most days.” I agree. I usually see one per week here at the Museum during winter.

Note the way the bird (same bird as above) holds its short tail, cocked and ready for action.

At the Museum, look for this wren on the north side of the Wetlands as well as in the brush along the right side of the trail just past the Lemur House, heading into Catch the Wind.

Good luck!

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