Baby Snapper and the Last Water Snake

A Snapping Turtle was rescued from the horseshoe shaped pond at Flap the Wings in Catch the Wind next to the Ornithopter. The turtle had found itself into the water filter basket of the pond, with no easy way out. This very young Snapping Turtle, only about 1.75 inches from the front of the shell to the back, was placed in the Wetlands.

On the morning of November 1st, a Northern Water Snake was seen in the grass at the foot of the boardwalk where the boardwalk descends into the Wetlands. There’s often a large water snake basking there, although the sun had yet to climb high enough to reach the particular spot where the snake had chosen to lay. The snake appeared to be the same individual as is often seen there. It looked to be rather gaunt, much thinner than when previously observed. It was later seen coiled on a stump a dozen or so feet from the main Wetlands Overlook, this time in the sunshine. Many Museum guests were able to get photos of the snake.

The first of the month brought out Pickerel Frogs. I saw several on the paved path around the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind Loop. They were obviously on the move and going somewhere, although they seemed to be going there very slowly. They were easy to catch and when released after my having a look at the ventral surface of their thighs (which are yellow in Pickerel Frog and not yellow in a look-alike species, the Leopard Frog), the frogs hopped away without the usual zing in their hop.

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