Brown Snakes

Seen on the last day of the previous period (November 15th) but too late to make the presses were Northern Brown Snake, Yellow-bellied Turtle, Painted Turtle, Spring Peeper (heard only), Pickerel Frog, and Bullfrog. The 15th was a warm and humid day with strong southwest winds.

Two Northern Brown Snakes were seen in two different locations. These small gentle snakes were both laying out on the paved surface of the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind Loop. Many of the Museum’s Guests were able to get close-up views of the snakes.

While I would expect to see Yellow-bellied Turtles out basking on any warm day during the year, including winter, the Painted Turtles were a surprise. Several were seen on logs on the north side of the Wetlands.

Spring Peepers can be heard throughout the fall or winter months. Pickerel Frogs were noted during the first week in November so it’s not surprising that there were a few lingerers about. I had thought, though, that the last of the Bullfrogs had settled in for the season. A dozen or so were seen sitting on logs, rocks, or floating in the water.

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