Water Snake Makes Brief Appearance

Green Treefrogs are still being seen in the vegetation along the north side for the Wetlands, and have now been spotted along the path going up towards Catch the Wind (between the Lemur House and Catch the Wind). Finally, after approximately 8 weeks, a Northern Water Snake made an appearance in the Wetlands on both the 14th and 20th of August. The snake seen on those days was probably the same individual, a large female. At this time last year there had beenRead more

Treefrogs yes, but No Snakes

More and more young Green Treefrogs are being seen each day in the tall grass on the north side of the Wetlands. Look for them resting on the long, wide blades of grass on the Wetalnds side of the path. The grass is quite tall (3-5 feet) so you don’t have to bend down to search for them, although they are not so easy to find as they’re perfectly camouflaged for the job at hand: resting, feeding, and growing, unseenRead more

Treefrogs Emerge From the Wetlands

I noticed a few newly morphed treefrogs on the vegetation surrounding the Wetlands. Both Green Treefrogs and Gray Treefrogs are emerging from the water as adult frogs and taking up positions in the vegetation surrounding the Wetlands. The two frogs pictured below are about 1/2 to 3/4 inches in length, still quite small considering that they’ll grow to about 2 inches. You may also notice that the Gray Treefrog is rather green, especially on the dorsal surface (back). They canRead more