The Wolves This Week

Just some photos of the red wolf family this past week.

Mom (standing) and dad watching pups play in red wolf enclosure.
Three of the pups rolling and tumbling.
One pup watches from dad’s favorite retreat from the rain, a hollow log.
Mom and a pup share a morsel of food.
Dad reclines as pups take on what’s left of a rat.
Mom tries to get away from pups intent on nursing.
The pups catch up to mom. This may be the last week the pups will be able to do this. Note one pup peeking out from the jumble.
Dad relaxes as pups play close by.
Maybe a little too close by.
“Please play somewhere else.”
“That’s better.”
A safe distance away.
Portrait of a pup.
A fine, alert stance for this pup.

Come on out and see them for yourself!

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  1. sherry says:

    These are amazing photos Greg. What a treat to see mom and dad together!

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