The Changing Environment and Chronolog

Top Photo: Wetlands in summer.

If you haven’t been to the museum’s wetlands in a while (let’s face, not many people have since this past March) and you miss it, here’s a few shots of what it looks like now. Back in March the deciduous trees were just beginning to leaf and aside from the needles of the loblolly pines the scape was shades of grays and browns. Now it’s full of color with the black willows, redwoods, cypress, maples, boxelders and other trees in full leaf. The scene is constantly changing.

View from the lower boardwalk.

We have three Photostations along our 750 foot boardwalk. These Photostations are part of a citizen science project called Chronolog. You, the citizen, create time-lapse images of a particular site, in this case our wetland, to record changes in the environment, How do you do that? By walking up to a photostation, placing your smartphone on a bracket, taking a photo and uploading that photo to the chronolog website. You can visit the site to see what changes have occurred over the past days, weeks, seasons, years and potentially decades.

One of three photostations on boardwalk (Wetlands – Upper Observation Deck, MLS 101). Place smartphone in bracket (gray object in center of signage) and take photo.

By participating in the project you will help in creating a time-lapse of the environment. There are Chronolog sites across the country at various natural landscapes.

Associate Exhibit Developer, Bailey taking photo at photostation – MLS 103.

To find out more about Chronolog click on this link (Chronolog). You’ll first be taken to a time-lapse of our wetlands from December, 2019 to June, 2020 from one of our three Photostations here at the museum. Once there, you’ll see links to other Chronolog sites throughout the country as well as other project information and background.

Click away, have fun, and enjoy.

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