The Bag

Top Photo: Christian slogging across wetlands after successful mission to Goose Island.

It’d been bugging me for more than a week, a plastic bag hung up on a tree just off the boardwalk, I’ve been throwing sticks at it, trying to spear it, whatever I could think of to get rid if it. It was just far enough away, and protected by branches, that I couldn’t reach it with whatever object I tossed at it. It was an eyesore. It needed to come down.

The bag.

A white plastic bag really stands out in a natural environment, your eye is quickly drawn to it.

I don’t know how the bag got in the tree. It must have come in on the air currents, blown in from the neighborhood. All I knew was, I wanted to get rid of it.

Exhibits Fabricator Christian was just the man for the job. After a brief discussion of the problem, he put on a pair of waders, slurped across and through the frigid wetland water, and retrieved the blemish upon the wetlands.

Christian making his way across to the island, and the bag.
He secures the bag with a grabber.
Christian celebrates.
Time to make his way back across the icy channel.

Well done Christian.

Always humble.

Thanks Christian!

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