Yellow-crowned hangs around!

Last week, Ranger Kristin mentioned to me that she had again seen the immature Yellow-crowned Night-heron that was first discovered in the Wetlands on the stormy 27th on May. Night herons tend to spend most of the day sleeping away in the dense cover of trees or shrubbery, doing most of their foraging at night, so it’s reasonable that no one had seen it since then. We often only get brief glimpses of the diurnal foraging Green Heron as itRead more

Yellow-crowned Stays Another Day!

I thought I’d go down to the Wetlands early (relatively early) to see if the night heron that showed up yesterday was still around. At first I thought that the bird had moved on, until I checked the secondary Wetlands Overlook (near the Lemurs). It had rained 3-5 inches the day before and there weren’t many exposed areas in the swamp for a night heron to hunt from, but the bird had found one on the back side of theRead more

Yellow-crowned Night Heron in Wetlands

A Yellow-crowned Night Heron was seen on the snag in the center of the Wetlands on Friday (5/27/11). To my knowledge this the first heron of this species seen at the Museum. It was probably on migration and was brought down by the severe thunderstorms of the day. A Black-crowned Night Heron in immature plumage was seen in the Wetlands in May of 2008 and was in the area for a couple of days. I would have gotten a photoRead more