Wormsnake Ahead

Top Photo: Eastern wormsnake (Carphophis amoenus) making its way slowly across path. While walking past the Lemur Exhibit in Explore the Wild, someone ahead exclaimed, “Is that a snake?” I rushed over to where a small group of people had gathered to see if it was indeed a snake. It was, without a doubt, a snake. There on the path was an adult wormsnake wriggling slowly towards the far side of the path, its brown and pink scales glistening inRead more

Just Add Heat!

All it took was a bit of warm sunshine and all of the critters came crawling out of the mud and from under logs, rocks and the leaf litter. The amphibians and reptiles made the news this week with new arrivals and increased numbers of previously seen species. Although I’d seen several Brown Snakes earlier in the season, the snake in the photo was the first one I’ve seen alive and making its way across the path here at the Museum.Read more