Bluebird Update June 7, 2012

The noise and movement created by my opening the nest box stimulated at least one of the nestlings in the box at the Train Tunnel to open up and ready itself for a tasty morsel of food. Sorry little bluebird,┬áit’s only me and not your parents that caused the fuss. This nest seems to be doing fine, no problems with moisture and the birds all look healthy. The nest in the flower meadow at the Take Off in Catch theRead more

Bluebird Update May 24, 2012

There has been very little change since the last Bluebird Update. There are still 4 eggs in the nest at the Train Tunnel (and it’s still dry). There are 6 eggs in the wren nest next to the Take Off in Catch the Wind, as there was last week. And there are still three empty nests. The Sailboat Pond nest box, the Amphimeadow nest box (which will probably have to be moved due to the extensive human activity at theRead more