Bluebird Update 5.12.15

One nest has fledged its young, one nest will probably fledge its inhabitants this week, two nests may have to wait another week before fledging its occupants, one nest still has unhatched eggs, and one nest remains empty with no activity. The nest box at the Cow Pasture has four growing bluebirds. I’d been told a black rat snake had been seen the day before, moving in the direction of the nest box. I was apprehensive, yet confident the birdsRead more

Bluebird Update May 17, 2012

I got a late start with the nest box inspections this week as I was out for a few days. I did, however, have a peek inside all of our six nest boxes on Wednesday (5/16) and there are a few things to report. The nest box up near the Train Tunnel, which last week had a half completed pine straw nest, now holds four pristine eggs. This nest, I’m happy to report, was dry as can be. We’ve experiencedRead more