The Toad has Arrived!

For the past two years I’ve heard Eastern Narrowmouth Toads (Gastrophryne carolinensis) calling from in and around the Wetlands. I’ve even heard them call from the area surrounding the small U-shaped pond in Catch the Wind but had not been able to actually see one of the tiny toads. Sure, each year I do happen to see one of their 10 mm sized young hopping away from the pond after metamorphosing from tadpole to toad, but had not seen an adult,Read more

Sleepy Skink and a Very Small Toad

A Ground Skink’s presence is most often betrayed by a rustle in the leaves as the unseen lizard scurries away, leaving the passerby scratching his or her head wondering what made the noise. The skink in the photo on the left was basking in the sun. It must have been enjoying itself too much to give way to the big bipedal intruder clomping down the path, me. As you can see, I was able to get a photo of itRead more