Fall Color

Top Photo: Ginko, just begining to turn. Fall colors. Who needs the mountains for color! As far as the crunchability of the leaves once they hit the ground, check out my assessment of certain species and the quality of their crunch here. Of course, it’s mostly my personal opinion, you may have different favorites. But do check it out.Read more

GBH and more Fall Colors

Top Photo: Great blue heron with fluffed out neck feathers. Great blue herons (GBHs) are not as regular visitors as they once were, so it’s nice to see one in our wetlands. Things are changing rapidly. Seasonal colors peak and fall. Don’t miss it. Don’t miss a minute of it.Read more

Fall’s Final Fling

Fall’s tenuous grip on the season is slipping away. Last week and this will likely be the final act in autumn’s show of color. Enjoy it while you can. A perfect day for a walk, don’t you think?Read more

A Taste of Fall

It was 80 some degrees on 28 October. Even so, fall is here, trust me. Butter butts have arrived along with other migrant birds and the leaves are, and have been, turning red, yellow, and all shades in between. If you don’t believe me, take a walk outside and see for yourself. If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate what’s happening out there. By the time you read this, the warm temps will have departed. It  will not only lookRead more

Fall Takes Over

The Wetlands is changing rapidly. The vista with its brilliant autumn light bouncing off the colorful leaves and reflecting in the water is perhaps at its best in the fall. It’s worth a visit just for the view, and there’s still more to come! Besides the still blooming Goldenrod, Groundsel Tree (a shrub) and Heath Aster are blooming. Groundsel Tree (see Groundsel Tree, Explore the Wild Journal, September 1-15, 2008) has been attracting many bees, wasps, and other insects toRead more