Summer Mode

Lotus seed heads

Although a few flowers linger, the Lotus in the Wetlands has all but gone by. What you’ll see when you pass the Wetlands as you leave the Wolf Enclosure on your way to the Lemur House is numerous seed heads sticking up above the large leaves of the plants, still an impressive sight.

In Catch the Wind, the Black-eyed Susans are fading fast, only a few flowers remaining. Pickerelweed is still blooming in the pond next to the Ornithopter.

The trees are in “summer mode” with deep dark leaves, at times drooping in the heat. Some of the leaves of a few of the trees, like the River Birch down in the Wetlands and several cherries elsewhere around the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind loop, have begun to turn yellow and brown, perhaps due to stress from lack of rain. Although there have been a few brief periods of rain over the past month, the trend has been dry.

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