Nest Box Update 6.19.18

One nest box has fledged its occupants and another is waiting for its eggs to hatch.

The Cow Pasture house wrens five nestlings have fledged. The nest was empty on this morning’s inspection.

This nest is now vacant (Cow Pasture, 6/19/18).

Explore the Wild and Into the Mist nest boxes are empty.

There are 5 eggs in the bluebird nest at the Parking Deck nest box. An adult female bluebird flew from the nest as I approached it. I expect the eggs to have hatched by next week’s inspection.

Five bluebird eggs at Parking Deck should hatch soon (6/19/18).

Woodlands and Butterfly House nest boxes are both empty.

So, the past week has seen 5 house wrens fledge from the nest at the Cow Pasture and 5 bluebird eggs being incubated at the Parking Deck nest box.

There’s not much to do now but clean out the nest box at the Cow pasture and wait for the bluebirds to hatch at the Parking Deck nest box.

See you next week.

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