Nest Box Update 4.3.18

There’s been a few additions and changes made to our 6 nest boxes.  While last week we had three bluebird nests and two chickadee nests, we now have the reverse. One nest which was started by bluebirds has been topped off by chickadees, with the deposition of two eggs!

There’s a total of 5 eggs on the trail, and the one nest that had remained untouched for several weeks has seen activity.

Last week the nest box in the Cow pasture near the train tunnel contained a complete chickadee nest. It now has 3 eggs. I suspect there will be more eggs by next week.

Three eggs for the chickadee nest at Cow Pasture (4/3/18).

There was a berry cup full of moss during last week’s inspection of the nest box on the service road in Explore the Wild. The nest has now been topped off with fur, feathers, and other soft material. So far, no eggs.

This nest at Explore the Wild is ready for chickadee eggs (4/3/18).

The nest box at the service road to Into the Mist shows no sign of activity. It is empty.

No progress at Into the Mist nest box (4/3/18).

Our newest location for a nest box, north side of the parking deck, now has a chickadee’s nest with two eggs. This nest was started as a prospective bluebird nest with a couple of beakfulls of pine needles. The bluebirds must have moved on to the Woodlands nest box (see below).

Chickadees have taken over nest box at Parking Deck location (4/3/18).

The Woodlands nest box now has a complete, or near complete, bluebird nest within. Last week it held only a few pine needles. Perhaps this nest and the one at the parking deck were started by the same pair who decided to concentrate their efforts here, at Woodlands.

Bluebirds continue to work on nest at Woodlands nest box (4/3/18).

Lastly, the Butterfly House nest has shown some activity in the past week. There’s been some grasses and pine needles added to what had remained untouched for several weeks.

After some three weeks of dormancy Butterfly House bluebird nest has been added to (4/3/18).

So, there you have it. Of the six nest boxes being utilized, three nests, Cow Pasture, Explore the Wild, and Parking Deck, are under the control of Carolina chickadees. Two nests are the property of bluebirds, the Butterfly House nest and Woodlands nest, have both seen activity with the addition of new nest material. One nest, the Into the mist nest, is empty.

See you next week.

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