gd_7_1thisThistle is in bloom just to the right of the “Seed Tower” in Catch the Wind. Passion Flower, or Maypops as it’s sometimes called, is blooming as well. I’ve only seen Passion Flower in bloom in one location on the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind Loop and that is on the Wetlands side of the path directly in front of the Lotus (the Lotus is nearly all “shower heads” at this time – seed heads).

gd_7_1passPassion Flower is the host plant for two fritillary butterflies in our area, Gulf Fritillary and Variegated Fritillary. Gulf Fritillary is a more southern species but does show up in our area (I saw one two weeks ago in Hillsborough). I haven’t seen either butterfly at the Museum this season, so I’m anxious to see if caterpillars turn up on this particular vine in the weeks to come.

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