Into the Mist

Top Photo: Just outside Into the Mist during summer.

Into the Mist is a favorite exhibit for many members, and one-time out of town visitors too. But like all good things, maintenance is sometimes required to keep things going the way they should.

Into the Mist in all its glory.

Our Outdoor Landscape Environments (OLE) team is working hard to be out with the old and in with the new. As you can see in these photos the grass has been removed, old piping is on the way out and new stuff will replace it all.

Jenn and Terrence rip out old piping after grass has been removed.

The work shouldn’t take too long and the exhibit should be pumping out mist for all who want it by 11 December.

Mumen pauses in his work while cutting out the old water tubing.

There’s lots else to do while you wait, Earth Moves, Sailboat Pond, Seed Tower, Animals, Wetlands, Hideaway Woods…the list goes on.


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