Green Stripes

Alerted by the frass at my feet, I looked up into the maple tree branches over my head. It didn’t take me long to locate the source of the frass. Two green-striped mapleworms.

Frass on the pavement.
Frass is caterpillar droppings.

Frass is caterpillar poop. If you enjoy finding caterpillars it’d be wise to keep an eye out for frass. If there’s frass on the ground, there’ll be a caterpillar, or a group of caterpillars, feeding above.

Green-striped mapleworms are the caterpillars, or larvae, of rosy maple moths. The rather small moths, which are marked with pink and yellow, are quite attractive. I don’t have a photo, but allow yourself a treat and have a peek at this pair at BugGuide.Net.

The caterpillars feed on maples and box elder (ashleaf maple). The one pictured here is on red maple.

Green-striped mapleworm on red maple.


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