Great Egret

Great egrets are not rare in our area, a trip to one of the nearby reservoirs should turn up several. Green herons and great blue herons nest locally. Great egrets do not. Any great egret you see in this area is probably part of a post breeding dispersal from further south. In fact, that’s true for most of the other species of heron or egret seen here in summer like, little blue heron, reddish egret, snowy egret, tri-colored heron, or cattle egret.

Though they’re relatively easy to find locally, we don’t see great egrets here in our wetlands often. The one pictured has dropped in frequently this past summer.

Note small fish in bill, a mosquitofish, or Gambusia.


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  1. Sherry says:

    How do you know this is the same bird the frequents the Museum Greg?
    I was walking around the wetland just over a week ago and saw two sitting on the tree by the Wetland Deck (a great blue heron was sitting with the two too).

    • gregdodge says:

      The truth is, in this case, I don’t know if it’s the same bird. It was an assumption.
      However, once they find a good fishing hole, they’re likely to return to it, become regulars.

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