Gray Squirrel Update

Squirrel eating wax myrtle.

In my last post I mentioned an eastern gray squirrel who had been feasting on wax myrtle fruit. We all know that squirrels are sedulous chowhounds. They’ll try most any food and go to great lengths to do it. Put up a bird feeder and you’ll see to what lengths they’ll go to eat the seed in that feeder.

Still, even with their reputation for gluttony driven acrobatics, and their sheer ubiquity, it’s fun to watch our squirrels here at the museum go through our trash receptacles and pick out what they can gather. The cans are emptied daily, so the pickin’s are slim. But, the squirrels always manage to find something.

Squirrel enjoying Lance peanut butter crackers.
Licking the wrapper clean.

The only problem is, they don’t put the wrapper back in the bin when they’re done with it.

Cleaning up after squirrel.

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