Brief Wetland Look

There’s little doubt that the Wetlands is the most outstanding feature of the Explore the Wild section of our outdoor adventure loop. Fall’s approaching quickly so here’s a very brief glimpse of the summertime wetlands which includes a few subjects you may have to look more closely to see.

The most abundant tree of the wetlands is the black willow. Here, it doesn’t reach a height of more than fifteen feet of so.

The dominant tree in the wetlands is black willow.

Yellow-bellied sliders are the most common aquatic turtle of the wetlands.

Trio of yellow-bellied sliders take in the August sun. Did you notice two dragonflies? A blue dasher above turtle on left and common whitetail over turtle on right.

Dragonflies and damselflies are members of an order of insects called Odonata.

Female fragile forktail (damselfy).
Male azure bluet. Note backswimmer (aquatic insect) near bottom left.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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