Wild gray fox pups were first noticed here at the Museum sometime around May 17 on the north side of the Wetlands close to the Lemur House. The fox were in a hollow on the opposite side of the path from the Lemur House and were visible from the path through a narrow opening in the brush. At the time it was estimated that there were anywhere from 5 to 7 of the pups in the litter. A short timeRead more

Gray Fox Pups

I’d been informed that someone, a Museum Guest, had spotted gray fox pups just off the trail in Explore the Wild. I’d seen an adult in this area many times during the past few months so it was no surprise, but I was excited at the prospect of getting photos of the pups. As I stolled past the site, one of the adults huffed and barked at me and retreated down into the gully that’s beside the path near theRead more

Sleepy Fox

Yesterday (1/4), with the temps in the low thirties (and wind chills in the twenties), one of our resident wild gray foxes found a cozy, sunny spot to lie down and rest. Only feet from the main path through Explore the Wild, the fox apparently felt that its cryptic coloration would conceal its location. I was lucky enough to spot the little canid. It’s always a thrill to see one of these little guys, don’t you agree? I suppose, though,Read more

Gray Fox PSA

That’s what greeted me as I arrived here at the Museum this morning, a Gray Fox. If you’ve spent much time here at the Museum, especially in Explore the Wild or Catch the Wind you may have seen this fox or perhaps one of its kin. If you’ve read this Journal in the past you may have read about the foxes here at the Museum. Gray Fox live here, they’re wild animals and not part of any display or exhibit.Read more

The Fox

I’ve been getting many reports of Gray Fox sightings by both staff and Guests. I myself have seen a fox on just about a daily basis, sometimes twice, or even three times in one day. Just the other day I heard one of the fox barking in the woods up behind the Red Wolf Enclosure. A few minutes later it was standing on the path about 30 feet away. I looked at the fox and the fox looked at me.Read more


Can you find the fox in the photo? If you don’t see the Gray Fox in the photo, don’t worry, I’ll show you where it is in a few minutes. I catch glimpses of our resident Gray Fox about every other week. Sometimes it’s a quick look as one of them rushes across the path, sometimes I see a fox stopped on the path eating fallen fruit (mulberries in spring, persimmons in fall, etc.) and sometimes it’s just a yelpRead more

The Fox and the Squirrel

As I stood near the top of the boardwalk, unsuccessfully attempting to photograph a squirrel stripping a pine cone of its seeds (the squirrel kept turning its back to me just as I tripped the shutter) I noticed a reddish-brown and gray colored object quickly move out from under some exposed tree roots to my right. It was a bird, a large, brightly colored sparrow. It was a Fox Sparrow. I hadn’t seen a Fox Sparrow here at the MuseumRead more

Flowers, Butterflies, Odes, Birds, Snappers, and the Fox

Dame’s Rocket and Blackberry are in bloom. Butterflies find the early blooming blackberries rather tempting. More species of dragonflies and damselflies have been emerging recently. A first-of-the-season Carolina Saddlebags (Tramea carolina) was seen on 29 April as was a new species for the Museum, a Prince Baskettail (Epitheca princeps). I had thought that I spied one of these Common Baskettail (Epitheca cynosura) relatives last year, but couldn’t be certain. The sighting on the 29th confirmed it. On April 23, I witnessed the matingRead more

The Day of the Fox

Gray Fox are seen here at the Museum throughout the year. I sometimes see their tracks in the mud on service roads and there is a den in the woods near the Dinosaur Trail. The frequency of sightings usually picks up in mid-winter. Over the past few weeks there have been numerous sightings by myself, Museum Staff, and Museum Guests…. It was near closing time on Saturday (2/13) as I stood at the entrance to the Dinosaur Trail looking inRead more